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Model Millionaires: Audrey Marnay



By Calynn M. Lawrence

Natural beauty is something that has been heralded for years now. However, when it comes to the cut throat fashion industry, many of people assume that if you were not born with perfect genes or surgically enhanced that you are not worthy of holding such a pricey title as a “fashion model.”

The idea of a fashion model being primped and prodded for hours on end to attain a flawless finish for a photoshoot or a show is something that certainly holds true. But, when it comes to model Audrey Marnay, she consciously abides by her pattern of embracing natural beauty. She may not be the first fashion model to do this, yet she has a strong portfolio of minimal makeup shoots that help promote and pioneer the natural beauty phenomenon that is slowly but surely entering the modeling world.

How has Audrey Marnay done such things? Well, having been born in France she was exposed to many of the world’s most famous fashion moguls from a very young age. She began modeling at the age of 15 and has since built a name for herself as a natural fashion model. Over the course of 2 decades, she has grossed an estimated net worth of over a million dollars. This has been done by her continuos partnerships with big name brands such as Versace and Calvin Klein. Also, she has made repeated appearances in top magazines such as Vogue and Elle, gracing the covers of many. Some of her previously partnered photographers are Steven Meisel, Irving Penn, Herb Ritts and Paolo Roversi.

Now, in her mid thirties, she has ventured into other avenues outside of fashion. Her most dedicated would be motherhood to her two lovely sons. In addition, she has written plays and films as well as starred in multiple movie roles. Most importantly, she has accomplished the mission of inspiring many young women who are aspiring to be in fashion that you do not need endless enhancements to be beautiful. Nor do you need to have a 5’10 figure, perfectly clear skin or deep ocean blue eyes to be considered gorgeous. Young women around the globe are grateful to women such as she who work to combat today’s straining beauty standards.

8 Staple Fashion Books



By Naima Karp

From a classic Carine Roitfeld collection to an iconic Kate Moss photography book, there’s never enough room for our favorite coffee table books. We’ve decided to sift through our fashion books and pick out some of the staple copies you need for your collection. Click through to see all of the must-have fashion books.


For glamour queens and 90’s grunge goddesses alike, the prints in this book are haunting and beautiful. The prints are huge and all part of i-D’s past archives tracking Owens’ career. The photos are complex, encompassing unique furniture and interior design, as well as impeccable jewelry styling, extending past the demographic of sole fashionistas. Interviews are a must-read, including ones with Jo-Ann Furniss, Terry Jones, and Holly Shackleton. Photographers include Hans Feurer and Corinne Day. For fur-lovers: there’s total coverage on the designer’s own fur collection, Palais Royale. 


One of the most interesting menswear designers, Raf Simons, has released a book featuring his fantastic work for Jill Sander, his own menswear, and his exciting new ventures working as artistic director at Dior. The best part? The in-depth interview with the designer himself. 


Back when style icons carried an unmatchable elegance and a je ne sais quoi quality, C.Z Guest was the classically understated American aesthetic. This rare collection of photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson carries the reader through her life as a young bride to a prestigious socialite. 


The colorful cover on this book is a great addition to any coffee table. An emblem of recent New York fashion, Opening Ceremony has helped bring attention to young designers all over, helping them propel their careers. The book is a celebration of the brand’s ten year anniversary, chock full of collaborators and the brand’s inspiration, ranging from Alexander Wang to Rodarte. The book itself is visually gorgeous, but is also an inspiring moodboard of sorts for anyone looking for some new creativity. 


With such a riveting cover photo, it’s hard to not open this masterpiece. This book focuses on the role of the editors at Vogue. The editors featured in the book include Grace Coddington, Babs Simpson, Polly Mellen, and Anna Wintour, to name a few. The muses get equal attention, with glamour shots of Miss Monroe, Miss Evangelista, and Verushka. Pop in a DVD of The September Issue, flip through these pages, and make your next girls night in a Vogue-themed one. 


An amazing director and designer, Ford has brought us stunning films. This book chronicles his design work with both Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, from 1994 to 2004. It features more than 200 photographs by masters including Stephen Meisel, Helmut Newton, and the more modern Terry Richardson. It illustrates Ford’s vision for transforming Gucci via marketing changes, store design, and architecture. A tribute of sorts, this piece chronicles the life of a man who transformed a classic brand and broke down boundaries in the fashion industry. 


This collection of Mario Testino’s photographs chronicles the wild child’s career, tying in the model and photographer’s close relationship and memorable fashion collaboration. The collection is unique because it includes Testino’s private photos of Kate Moss that have not been previously released before. 


This book is coveted amongst fashionistas and was sold out everywhere upon its release. Chronicling Roitfield’s immense and bold career moves, the book let’s us into her world and unfolds her creative process. This piece will inspire you to take more risks in your own day to day garb. Referred to by Karl Lagerfeld as the ‘ideal French woman,’ Roitfield’s daring and breathtaking collection of work is not to be missed.

One To Watch – Jack Tyerman



Babe, heart-throb, hottie, jaw dropping – whatever, you name it. That is Jack, the latest Aussie male to make haste in the modeling industry. This carpenter turned model now has thousands and thousands of Instagram followers and is represented all over the world; Australia, Spain, Paris, Sweden, Denmark and Milan.

Instagram: @jacktyerman_
Agency: IMG 

So I’m guessing modeling wasn’t at the top of your list for “dream job” as a kid – how did you get into the industry? 

No not really, I’ve always wanted to be a carpenter and i’m hoping to finish my apprenticeship off once this road ends. I was actually scouted by an agent named Kirk Blake, in Crows Nest – Sydney.

Is it your only job? Or is it more something you just do on the side?

I have a bar job as well – which I live off week to week. Any money made from modelling is straight into savings!

What’s been your favourite shoot to date? Why?

Shooting in the French Alps would be my favourite shoot, just because the location was so beautiful and I got to drive a Yacht and an Aston Martin along a cliffside.

If you could pick any designer, any runway, any shoot – what would be your dream gig?

Shooting a campaign on a beautiful island somewhere unknown with a very creative photographer….

Now that you’re working in the industry, what do you think some of the misconceptions are of male models?

That they are all arrogant pretentious airheads, which don’t get me wrong, some definitely are, but not all of them. Also that it is the easiest job in the world when it really isn’t. Keeping in optimum shape and always having to look fresh is sometimes quite hard for a bloke in his early 20’s.

Have you ever faced any criticism from friends or family?

Not so much family and close friends, but there are always those people who will put you down or misconceive you as ‘arrogant’. People i may have went to school with but who I don’t see anymore.

What are some of the struggles you’ve faced?

In terms of modelling itself, being bigger framed in the shoulders. I used to play footy and was 92kg, so i’ve had to under eat slightly and run every day to shrink my body. A real struggle for someone who loves food!


Surely there has to be some pretty great perks for being a male model, tell me?

Oh there is, getting into clubs free and drinking alcohol for free is up there haha… And there’s also this app called INTO which allows you to get all this stuff for free at various venues around the world, ranging from food, cocktails and dental work. Some of the stuff is valued at $500… not bad.

Have you ever had to wear some weird and wonderful creations / Strange outfits?

I once wore this fishnet outfit with 8 inch high heels.

Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?

Acting, if not back on the worksite building houses 🙂 

Your job is to pretty much look drop dead amazing, and you are – so how do you keep in shape?

I try run every morning on an empty stomach, and again in the afternoon. I also box 2-3 times a week with my boxing trainer (also a mate of mine). F45 is good too, anything that keeps my heart rate up.

What don’t you like about the modeling industry?

The amount of fake materialistic crap you have to put up with.

How has social media helped your career? / What are your thoughts on the social media impact of modeling.. ie. Instagram models?

Social Media I think has definitely helped my career. Our profiles on the IMG website list our Instagram account name – hence it (sometimes/a lot of the time) plays a pivotal role in booking jobs depending how “big” you are in the social media arena. People and companies often send you free stuff too!

And finally what does Jack do in his time off?

I train a lot and I LOVE cooking – It’s my new favourite thing to do. I find it really therapeutic. Every week i’m posting photo’s on Instagram of what i’m cooking. I love sport, i’m a massive rugby league fan and i play in a touch footy comp with some mates.
Also what every other guy in their 2o’s does – go to the pub, hang at the beach, listen to music, movies etc etc etc.



The Types Of Modeling You Didn’t Know Existed



By Calynn M. Lawrence

When you think of someone who has a modeling career, what is naturally the first thing that comes to your mind? No doubt, it is someone who is ripping the runway in the latest apparel fashions. Although that is indeed one of the most popular forms of modeling, it is not the only type of modeling out there! This article is going to enlighten you of three different types of modeling that you likely did not know existsed!


Now, in fashion modeling the models are typically very clean and plain in terms of any body modifications. This is because the focus is meant to be on the clothing and not on their aesthetic enhancements. It is best for them to look as natural as possible. However, the industry of alternative modeling is the exact opposite! This form of modeling focuses on the more extreme and artistically inspired type of indivdual. Alternative modeling celebrates the idea of being physically unique and using your body as a canvas. Thus, those with piercings, tattoos or odd physical features are urged to indulge. Think of this as the sarcastic reply to society’s typical clean cut image of a fashion model.


Body modeling is often times done for commercial use. This is the type of modeling in whic a particular company uses one’s specific physical feature to enhance the odds of consumers buying their product. This is often times done with celebrities. For example, Jennifer Lopez is known for being a hair model for L,Oreal Paris. Her long silky locs attract the attention of fans and onlookers. This in turn makes them believe that the hair care products that are being advertsied will cause their hair to be just as luxurious as hers. Another example would be hand models. Surprisingly, hand models recieve a lot of work from nail polish ads to jewelry stores.


Artistsic modeling is when someone is used as a basis for a painting or drawing, typically in an art class. This person is paid to be observed and recreated on canvas or paper so as to aid in the creative process and provide a visual form that the artist can use as a basis for their composition. Many of times these types of models are thought to be nude, however, there are many who pose fully clothed. It all depends on the type of setting that they are modeling for.

There you have it. These were three forms of modeling that are becoming increasingly popular but many are still unaware. If you fit any of these categories then pursuing something in these genres may be the secret to sky rocketing your prospective fashion career.

My Day On A Plate – Steph Claire Smith



By Stephanie Claire Smith – Keep It Cleaner

Here’s my day on a plate, keep in mind this changes from time to time as I travel a lot and work sometimes caters.


Acai Bowl – people who watch my snap would’ve noticed by now that when I’m home this is my go to. I usually have a sweet tooth in the morning so this always pleases my palate.

Porridge – if it’s too cold for an Acai I’ll go for a bowl of our warm delicious porridge, it warms my tummy but also my heart as it always reminds me of my Nanna. I usually mix almond butter through it and top it with either berries or banana.

Granola – I absolutely love our granola but if I haven’t made a batch and I’m in a rush, I’ll chop up some almonds and chuck those with chia seeds and cacao nibs, with some yoghurt and berries.

After brekkie and before lunch I always have a coffee, in winter it’s a soy latte, in summer it’s an iced coffee with almond milk.


Smashed Avo on Toast – if I’m at home I’ll make our recipe of course, but it is one of my favourite choices when I’m out somewhere for brunch. I’ll always opt for poached eggs on top and have it on spelt, paleo or GF bread.

Green Brekkie Bowl – more and more cafes are catching on and making these, which is epic because it’s such a delicious but nutritious option when eating out. Our recipes best though 😉

Chicken salad – or sometimes I use steak or lamb, I loooooove red meat.

Snack- fruits like plums, pineapple or watermelon or I’ll make a smoothie.


Fish and Chips – if you haven’t tried our fish fingers, do it. They’re finger lickin’ good 😉

My Spelt Pasta Dish– I don’t always use the same sauce, I do love making a chilly tomato based one as well, that recipe is coming soon.

Meat and Veg – weather it’s red meat, poultry or fish, I’ll pair it with either a salad or some pan or oven roasted veggies.


I allllwaysss have a sweet tooth after dinner, so I’ll have a couple of pieces of 85% dark chocolate or I’ll have some of our Radical Rocky Road if I’ve pre prepared 😉

I also can’t go to bed without having a peppermint tea or two, it relaxes me.