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Model Millionaires: Audrey Marnay



By Calynn M. Lawrence

Natural beauty is something that has been heralded for years now. However, when it comes to the cut throat fashion industry, many of people assume that if you were not born with perfect genes or surgically enhanced that you are not worthy of holding such a pricey title as a “fashion model.”

The idea of a fashion model being primped and prodded for hours on end to attain a flawless finish for a photoshoot or a show is something that certainly holds true. But, when it comes to model Audrey Marnay, she consciously abides by her pattern of embracing natural beauty. She may not be the first fashion model to do this, yet she has a strong portfolio of minimal makeup shoots that help promote and pioneer the natural beauty phenomenon that is slowly but surely entering the modeling world.

How has Audrey Marnay done such things? Well, having been born in France she was exposed to many of the world’s most famous fashion moguls from a very young age. She began modeling at the age of 15 and has since built a name for herself as a natural fashion model. Over the course of 2 decades, she has grossed an estimated net worth of over a million dollars. This has been done by her continuos partnerships with big name brands such as Versace and Calvin Klein. Also, she has made repeated appearances in top magazines such as Vogue and Elle, gracing the covers of many. Some of her previously partnered photographers are Steven Meisel, Irving Penn, Herb Ritts and Paolo Roversi.

Now, in her mid thirties, she has ventured into other avenues outside of fashion. Her most dedicated would be motherhood to her two lovely sons. In addition, she has written plays and films as well as starred in multiple movie roles. Most importantly, she has accomplished the mission of inspiring many young women who are aspiring to be in fashion that you do not need endless enhancements to be beautiful. Nor do you need to have a 5’10 figure, perfectly clear skin or deep ocean blue eyes to be considered gorgeous. Young women around the globe are grateful to women such as she who work to combat today’s straining beauty standards.


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