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The Offspring Following Their Parents’ Footsteps



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Many celeb kids have the opportunity to follow in their parents footsteps. However, does it come down to good genes and talent, or is it just pure luck? If you pick up any Hollywood magazine, it is apparent that more kids have inherited their parents’ talents than not. The following are celebrity kids who have not only pursued a career in the spotlight, but are making a splash.

Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn is the son of David and Victoria Beckham. David Beckham is most commonly known for his International football career, however is currently an athlete-turned-model and spokesperson. His wife, Victoria Beckham, a former member of the Spice Girls, is a model and fashion designer. Brooklyn is certainly following in his famous parents’ footsteps, as he currently is involved with film projects and has even graced a magazine cover.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi is the daughter of famous supermodel Yolanda Foster. Yolanda previously was signed with Ford and she modeled in Milan, Paris, New York; as well as many other major cities. Her daughter Gigi has already been dubbed a “supermodel”, as she has landed gigs with top designers including Guess. She already has graced the cover of Vogue Espana. Teen Vogue, Elle Canada and Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia. Gigi additionally appeared in multiple music videos and was on the Real Housewive’s of Beverly Hills with her mom Yolanda.

Ireland Baldwin

With superstar parents like Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that the blond bombshell is in the modeling spotlight. While both parents have a lucrative acting career, Kim Basinger spent many years as a former Cover Girl model. Ireland made her debut in a swimsuit editorial in the New York Post. She is currently with DT Model Management and has been featured in Vanity Fair, W Magazine, Elle and DuJour magazine. Ireland made her acting debut in Grudge Match with her mom Kim Basinger where she played a younger version of her mom in the flashback scenes.

Dylan Brosnan

Dylan is son of the famous hunky actor Pierce Brosnan, who is known for his major James Bond roles and has appeared in countless other major grossing feature films. While Dylan is not following in his father’s acting career, he made his modeling debut in YSL’s new ad campaign for the men’s permanent collection. In addition, to the high-profile modeling campaign with St. Laurent, he is also a film student and musician.

Kaia Crawford

As the daughter and spitting image of supermodel Cindy Crawford, it really is no surprise that Kaia Crawford has already graced the cover of Teen Vogue. Kai was also the face of Versace’s kid’s line back in 2012. Cindy has currently put the brakes on her daughters modeling career until she is 17 years old and would like her daughter to decide if it is a career path she wants to pursue. At the time, she cited the reason for the hold was because there was not a lot of modeling opportunities for a 10 year-old girl.

Supermodels & Their Super Famous Partners



By Simi Afroza Mira

In our day and age, supermodels are regarded just as highly as A-list actresses and famous singers. While many will have modeling careers in their life, very, very few will achieve the level of superstardom that goes along with the coveted title – Supermodel. These fascinating, beautiful women also easily manage to grab boyfriends and husbands that carry just as much clout with their name as their supermodel counterpart. There are several couples – and ex-couples – that make a dazzling pair.

Heidi Klum and Seal

Though the couple eventually split in late 2014, they were married for years and even had 4 children together. Everyone on the planet who doesn’t live under a rock knows who Heidi Klum is – a supermodel who even modeled the runways for Victoria’s Secret, and later became known for hosting the reality TV hit “Project Runway.” Seal is well-known for his music and the impact he made in the industry, and for battling a severe form of Lupus that left facial scarring. Both of these major celebrities were total bosses in their respective industries and it seems they wanted a partner that held just as much fame as they did, too.

Giselle Bundchen and Leonardo DiCaprio

Ms. Giselle, a Victoria’s Secret Angel and household name, dated the world-famous Leonardo DiCaprio for five years. It didn’t work out though, so we now go to:

Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady

Giselle called it quits with perhaps one of the most famous and influential actors in the world – Leonardo DiCaprio – and then snagged Tom Brady, a famous American quarterback, who plays for the New England Patriots. Its clear this Brazilian bombshell knows she can snag any man she wants – and absolutely does.

Though these are only just a few example of supermodels and the men they choose, it is clear that supermodels can not only attract the most famous, rich, powerful, and handsome of men, but that they are just as worthy themselves, and have as much, if not more, celebrity than their handsome man-candy. While it doesn’t necessarily seem apparent that famous supermodels go for men with the same look, it does seem pretty clear they are attracted to men as powerful and prestigious in their own industries as the supermodel herself.

I was never a supermodel, but I suppose I was a successful enough model back in the day, and the man I snagged and TOTALLY LOVE – okay he’s not famous – but he’s super adorable. Think 3 day stubble, geek chic frames, and perfect blue eyes kind of adorable. Also, he treats me like I am his world, which is just how myself and every woman – supermodel or not – deserves to be regarded by her main man.

Anorexia In America



By Margretta Sowah

Anorexia in America. Sounds like a Sundance documentary. The word anorexic is powerful. To purposefully not eat due to ‘an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight’ is no small – no pun intended – journey.

Early this year, Statesman Marc Levine (a representative of Marin County and parts of Sonoman County) introduced bill AB 2536. The bill’s purpose is to create health standards for professional models. The law would require all models to obtain a doctors certificate verifying certain health standards are met, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board. Modeling agencies would have to be licensed and therefore the models are also under the legal umbrella – protecting them from possible legal issues regarding their contracts and their bodies.

“Society has these outrageous expectations for what women are supposed to look like, and for most women, it’s impossible to look that way,” Marc told reporters. “With my bill, we can protect the health and safety of fashion models, but we can have a societal impact to make sure that women and girls have a healthy body image… I’m not saying we can’t have skinny models at all […] we want to do is make sure models who are employed are healthy and are not put in positions that are unhealthy for their bodies.”

Headlines such as this are nothing new. Not in America anyway. The issue is not the fact that this is happening, believe it or not. Brands and companies that generate huge income and ROI are known for unrealistic demands and expectations – think of the oil/fuel/diamond/gold/stocks and bonds industry. The real issue is that society has yet to keep a firm hold of accountability for these industries. I’m not saying we should boycott agencies because a girl’s gotta eat (no pun intended). What we need is more pressure on companies and countries as a whole. We hear people bash Americans for being an obese country but we fail to dig deeper into the other side of the spectrum. It is easy to blame the Fashion System for this problem but they are not the main or sole perpetrator in this fight.

I have read articles that claim some models have been told to eat only one rice cake per day to avoid gaining weight. Or swallow orange juice soaked Kleenex tissues… not exactly fine dining. Some models have confessed to using laxatives and diuretics (water pills) to curb cravings. Is the story more important than the message? Is the fashion story (whatever particular brand/product/lifestyle) take precedence over the message (the ‘take out point’ of the campaign – which usually is to love yourself or value yourself or be yourself). Is it counter-intuitive or are Democrats like Marc Levine, fighting an uphill battle?

“We want to make sure we are able to protect people in the workplace and make sure, quite frankly, that the images that young people see are healthy images,” said Levine.

Just when you think humanity is taking a step forward, we are reminded of bureaucracy. Levine’s bill has received opposition by unnamed modeling agencies and the Association of Talent Agents. These groups believe that the bill ‘creates major disruption and legal confusion for state licensed talent agencies, doesn’t resolve the real issue, and is unworkable.’ I’m not sure about toy but I don’t see how health regulations are ‘unworkable’. Perhaps ‘unprofitable’ but definitely not unworkable.

An online survey showed 31 per cent of 85 professional fashion models (directed by the Model Alliance) have eating disorders and 64 per cent have had suggestions from agencies to lose weight. Say what now? Yes. You heard me right.

The modeling industry has come a long way from the 1960’s glorification of the uber thin woman. The media is no different; constantly aiding in this emotional battle of wits and width. Who suffers the most? Young girls and boys – but mostly young girls. Levine, who has a 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter, explained shocking statistics from the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. The statistics show 47 percent of American girls in 5th through 12th grade wanted to lose weight because of magazine pictures. 42 percent of 1st to 3rd grade girls wanted to be thinner.

Is this the kind of society we want our loved ones to be brought up in? Let’s pass this bill and make positive changes in America. We want to make America great? We need to start with our children

5 Beauty Tips To beat The Summer Sweat



By Daisy Grace, content coordinator for Global Internet Magazine

Are you counting the days until summer finally arrives? Do you dream of colorful cocktails, sandy beaches and ocean waves? If your answer is yes, then read on. Unfortunately, summer also brings high temperatures, leaving you looking for solutions on how to beat the heat and unfortunate the sweating. However, I am here to provide you the tips, destined to help you deal with such problems and enjoy a healthy glow in the end.

#1 Cushion foundation with lightweight formula

If you are looking for a product that you can easily carry around, this is the ideal one to try. Cushion Foundation is a product that guarantees a natural look, not to mention the sponge applicator that allows you to correct any imperfections on the run. You should look for products that have a lightweight formula, as they’re especially recommended for summertime usage. Keep in mind that cushion foundations don’t usually have integrated SPF, so you need to purchase an additional product for such purposes. Do not underestimate the importance of sunscreen, as going outside with no protection can lead to the premature aging of the skin and even skin cancer.

#2 Powder for enhanced makeup resistance

Most summers are hot and humid, no matter where you are. Once you have applied foundation, you require additional product to keep everything together. By applying a top-quality powder, you will ensure your foundation does not run and that your face is not shining excessively. The most important area in which powder should be applied is the T-zone, as this is where the highest amount of sweat and sebum gather, leading to an unpleasant shine

#3 Luminous blush to highlight your cheekbones

Using the correct luminous blush will allow you to highlight your cheekbones without having to use to a multitude of products. Try not go for a bronzed appearance, you might look as if you were trying too hard. The luminous blush, instead, can guarantee a shimmering skin, one that everyone will be envious of. By going with such options, you will look elegant and refined, as opposed to the glittery or over-bronzed look, which will bring you closer to your teenage years.

#4 Setting spray for a fresh-looking makeup

By using a setting spray, you can make the difference between fresh-looking makeup and something that looks anything but pleasant. Setting sprays can complete your makeup, ensuring that it stays on for a prolonged period of time (regardless of the temperatures outside). The one thing you have to make sure is that you apply the spray before your mascara, otherwise you won’t be pleased with your mascara running out and you having to begin everything from zero. Also, keep in mind that there are special formulas out there, so find one that works for your skin.

#5 More eyeliner, less eyeshadow

Because summer temperatures can get quite hot, it is recommended to step away from wearing too much eyeshadow (this can easily run out). Instead, opt for a liquid eyeliner and preferably one of high quality. Choose one that has a soft brush applicator, as this will help you obtain the perfect lines. A gel-based formula is also recommended, as it will ensure that the liner stays on for a prolonged period of time. You can also go with an eye pencil, enjoying the diversity of colors suggested for summer wear.

These are only a couple of tips on how you can beat summer sweat and enjoy a healthy glow. As you have seen, many of these are logical and quite easy to follow. Always remember to drink plenty of fluids, making sure you stay hydrated and reduce the excessive sweating. Also, if you know you have oily skin, use products especially recommended for such skin types (these will allow for better sebum and sweat control).

Too Damn Fierce For Words



My grandmother used to model – long before it was anything like it is now. I used to go to her house and she’d spend hours teaching me how to hold a pose perfectly for 5 minutes at a time. She taught me about face angles and the technique of showing expressions with the eyes.

Sometimes it makes me laugh when I think about her lessons. My grandmother’s modeling was a lot different than what I do. I think the best way to compare it is fashion modeling compared to commercial modeling. Although my grandmother did appear in an issue of Vogue, her sweet smile and conservative poses seemed better fit for and Old Navy commercial.

When my grandmother was alive, she reviewed some of my first shoots.

“Why do you have so much attitude on your face?” she’d ask with a confused look.

“Oh grandma,” I’d laugh. “That’s what people like- that’s what sells.”

“Well, I don’t even know what you are wearing- all I see is your body and your face, “ she added, wrinkling her nose. “But it’s the prettiest face in the world!” she’d add, kissing me on the forehead.

While, I know my grandmother lived in an entirely different world than I do, I couldn’t help but think about what had changed in modeling. Was it more about the body? Did people even notice the clothes anymore? Why do we have so much attitude?

I mean, when I was a kid, I didn’t remember happy smiling models in the fashion magazine. No, they were more like femme fatales – dangerous women with sexy lips, piercing eyes and seductive bodies. I wanted to be that- the image of beauty and strength wrapped up in high-fashion apparel.

Where I was growing up if you mentioned the word model, people thought of the beautiful girls in music videos. You know that object of affection that every girl wanted to be. I never really identified with that image. Instead, my idea of a video model was always something more like the girls in Polyptych video.

Instead of me being the girl in a bigger story, where I am illustrating something else, in my mind I was always the story. I guess you could say that’s a bit vain, but I say you probably don’t understand the amount of work that goes into modern day modeling.

Unlike what my grandmother did, it is not about getting in front of a camera and looking pretty anymore. It’s not even about making the clothes look good. No, fashion modeling is about using the body to create an emotion that is overpowering. It’s about being soft while strong, attainable yet rare, desirable and almost unreal. Fashion models don’t make good music video models because they overshadow any other message that is attempting to be shared. They are so powerful they could sell anything based on their looks; they are too damn fierce for words.

Confessions Part 8: Work Apnea



By Agata Descroix – @agatacruz
An excerpt from her book – Confessions of An Autistic And Sexually Confused International Model

I am just landing in Santiago after the Atacama desert, when my booker already calls me:

“Agata! You have very important shows now and you are already late. A driver is expecting you at the terminal exit and will drive you to the place! Alice is also going with you so you can tell her.”

I don’t know why but today, I feel like a Paris Fashion Week off-duty model, with my leather legging and my sunglasses, dragging my little suitcase and talking on the phone. I am so happy Alice is going with me. The driver is waving at us through the exit window and we get into the car, completely exhausted. It’s good I meditated a lot on the plane because it calms me down very much and I can handle a very tight schedule without losing my nerves. I feel so good. The car is neat and clean. Of course people can think that we are lucky to have a car driving us from one job to the next one but actually, we will both pay half of it and it will be deduced out of our statement.

What nobody knows is that models pay a lot of things. Not directly, but charged as an agency debt. The agency paid my flight from Mexico and I already have a US$ 1,700 debt to begin. It gets bigger with the rent, the pocket money, the comcards (if they print them), the book, the paid test-shoots and eventually the doctor, dermatologist, nutritionist, the magazine we have to buy to cut the pages we put in our portfolios and so on… I am positive now; it means my debt is solved and I actually make money but lots of models end up with nothing at the end of three months, just because they only made enough cash to give back the money that the agency lends to them.

It’s very frustrating and I hope I will never have this kind of problems. In Hong Kong, the story was different because I just had one job with Ellipse*. I imagine that if I would have worked my ass off, just solved my debt and come back with nothing… I would have been so angry and depressed.

After five long days filming the beer commercial, Alice and I are immediately sent to the three-day Fashion Show Festival. It’s bigger than Fashion Week and we get to walk for very cool international brands. The coordination team is so nervous it seems they had fifteen double espressos just before the event. They are screaming and yelling around like geese on migration. “_ Cuack cuack cuack cuaaaaaaack!”

Even when I am on a chair, having my makeup done, they come one by one to scream in my ears:

“Agataaaaaaa faster! Faster!! You have to go to hair!”
“Hum… Dude… I cannot do any faster! Talk to my makeup artist!”

We run here and there with Alice and we send each other whatsapp messages, even if we are three seats away from one another. I am having a lot of fun even though I would definitely trade the hairstyling for a nap! I fall asleep twice at makeup and when the hairstylist shows me the chair I am supposed to seat on, I don’t really get the distance, seat twenty inches on the right and fall on the floor. Yes, I am not tired; I am completely exhausted. I don’t remember having felt like this in my life, but the adrenalin helps me to struggle with the sleep. I love my job and I really love when I am busy. I don’t complain because I never slept so deeply in my life since I am in Chile. I created myself a life equation I always have to respect in order to feel well:

Intense workout + meditation + intense work life + good food + love = Total happiness.

I am ecstatic to find myself in the life I wanted to have when I started modeling. I never thought I would make it this far and I am actually proud of myself.

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Beauty, Redefined.



By: Rachel Eydlish

You wake up in the morning, throw on a face full of makeup, put on clothes somebody else told you to wear, and stare mindlessly at the mirror in an effort to perfect an image that you hope satisfies those around you. In doing this, you are pained with resentment: any idea you had of yourself is lost and here you are basing your identity on the opinions of other people, people whom you will never know. Yet a part of you feels justified in being bitter as you fall victim to the delusional excuse that beauty standards have become irrevocably finite, claims of society manipulating natural beauty with superficiality, forcing you to look and be “perfect”.

But self-pity, my friend, is not exactly your shade.

Now, hold your head up high and stop crying because this advice is overdue. These standards are just that: standards, used to compensate for what you may lack. However, the only person with access to this lack is you and, by falling into the lie that you are not enough, you are proving that you are nothing special. A low self-esteem screams every time you step out beautifully dressed, staring down at the floor as you walk, readjusting your shirt every few minutes to make sure nobody sees your birthmark. Thereby, would you be much happier if you gave up the notion of others imposing beauty standards on you and, rather than mask it, embrace that deeper beauty that dwells in your imperfections?

Rather than feed your neuroses about what you lack, glorify your differences. Because each time you go to adjust your shirt, you are sending the message that what you are hiding underneath is hideous. But what is so wrong about your birthmark? Let it be seen as perhaps that birthmark is your very allure. By redefining beauty, those “standards” are dispelled, even refined to compete with your unwavering confidence.

Shaun Ross, model, pictured with Lana Del Rey.

Take Shaun Ross, a young Albino model, who coined the phrase “in my skin, I win” to inspire youth to be comfortable with their bodies despite any traits deemed “flawed”. Being Albino, his difference is clear, straying far from the norm, but that has not stopped him from landing in music videos of big names like Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey, inspiring his own TEDxTalk, walking NY Fashion Week, or creating a name for himself by cultivating his individuality.

As Ross has stated previously, “It’s the DIY generation. Kids are becoming muses because they understand that what it takes to be successful is to be desirable and confident” (CNN). Confidence is key.

Akin Chantelle Brown-Young, a model with Vitiligo, a rare skin pigmentation disorder, who is making her debut on America’s Next Top Model’s current season and has been seen in music videos as well as on the runway (Daily Mail).

We are living in a time of change, a breaking away from passivity, and, in these times, everything is questioned. Especially those pillars on which we have stood for so long. And those who are staying put, clinging vigorously to tradition, are only succeeding in looking foolish. Because the truth is that nobody can predict what will work tomorrow or a month from now or a year or five years from now. The Shaun Rosses, the Chantelle Youngs, the beautiful among us have always been those who dared to push the status quo and, knowing full well their own worth, stopped allowing themselves to be victims.

Those who have the confidence to believe in their own voices are those who will go far. These are the people who do not get upset about the airbrushing of models or the apparent beauty standards because they have abundance. By redefining the standards, they no longer worry about what others are telling them to do because their awareness that others are only grasping at beauty is firm. For they know beauty, they know they have it, and, with that self-assuredness, they set the example in a time when everybody else is struggling.

Think big and redefine beauty. Who knows? Maybe that birthmark will have you gracing the cover of Vogue.

Walking In A Supermodel’s Shoes



By Michelle Smith
Facebook – MichelleSmithMarketing

Most of the general public is under the impression that the life supermodel is all about glamour and exciting after parties.  While I love attending the after parties, meeting up and coming designers, as well as top fashion icons; at the end of a runway show I really just want to make a brief appearance, finally get a quick bite to eat and go home to get a well-rested night’s sleep. The last thing I want to do is stay out dancing all night if I have a shoot first thing in the morning (plus, it is bad to show up with bags under your eyes anyway). At the end of every day, it is truly all about the shoes. Below are a couple of must-haves if you are pursuing a career as a model and these truly get me through my day.

The tennis shoe 

I start every day with a work out – it is part of my exercise routine and I work out every morning unless I am on an airplane flying to a photo shoot or runway show. As early as I start my day (sometimes at 4 a.m.), I am not exactly a morning person, so I make sure I have the athletic shoes of my choosing and my work out clothes ready to go in plain sight in the a.m. Living in Manhattan is great, because I can either hit the gym or go for a run in Central Park.

The comfortable shoe

I cannot stress how important it is to have a comfortable pair of shoes, because this is something you need before in between appointments. Sometimes fitting appointments go longer than expected, my day starts to snowball and I find myself running to the next appointment. This also happens when my agent calls and switches up my schedule (and believe me, when you are first starting out you want to have a packed appointment schedule as possible).

While some of my model friends carry tennis shoes in their oversized bags, I opt for comfortable and trendy flats. The key here is comfort so pick and choose what works for you. I can tell you without question that running uphill in heels on a steep cement street in Manhattan is a surefire way to get blisters, so make sure you know the city’s transportation like the back of your head as a backup plan, in case you accidentally leave your comfortable shoes at home.

The ideal heel



At some point during any given day, I am wearing heels. At fitting appointments some designers will provide shoes and sometimes some designers will ask you to bring heels with a certain heel height. The key here is that the ideal heel is all about comfort, because you are going to be on your feet all day.

On another note, if you are not comfortable with the shoes provided for you for a runway show, practice walking in them or a similar style prior to the event. Last but not least, I always bring a comfy pair of heels and a change of clothes for the after parties. If you are on your feet all day and not keeping comfort in mind (while staying fashionable at the same time), your feet will be screaming and you will not want to hop out bed for your morning workout.

Tips To Look & Feel Great In Your Active Wear



By Simi A Mira

If you take a glance around the gym mid-workout, you’ll no doubt see two types of gym-goers (and probably be able to identify as one of these yourself) – the make-up wearing, perfectly styled gym buff or the up-and-at- ‘em gym bunny who likes to get in, work up a sweat and leave. Whatever attitude you choose for your workouts; we’ll help you choose the best workout gear for you. As well as stylish, it’s important that the active wear you dress in is comfortable and suited the workout you are doing. We’ll also offer you some workout gear “no-no’s” for you to avoid, ensuring no faux pas are carried out whilst you get your fitness on.

Tip #1

When picking the right active wear, it’s imperative that you pick the right size. It’s an important fact to remember that just because you are a certain size in your clothes, doesn’t mean that you will be that size in your gym gear. This is a key factor in what will be the most comfortable gear to move in, as well as keeping you looking good – there’s nothing worse that ill-fitting gym outfits.

Tip #2

Bearing this in mind, it’s wise to remember that not all active wear is meant for universal workouts – there are different styles and fabrics to suit various workouts. For example, if you do a lot of running (or running is your main workout), it’s sensible to pick shorts that offer a good freedom of movement as well as ensuring you don’t get too hot too quickly. In contrast, if you are doing something like Pilates or various forms of yoga, body contour fitting items are seen as the ideal wear. This ensures that you can see the shape of your body, and therefore adjust accordingly if needed.

Tip #3

The quality of the garment is another vital factor – the fabric and the make are definite things to keep in mind. The quality of the seams is something to look out for when shopping for garments, as you’ll be really putting them to the test when you exercise. There are certain fabrics out there also that actually can absorb the sweat you create whilst working out (within reason). How amazing is that?

Tip #4

The amount of flesh you reveal is also something to keep checks on – active wear is about what’s comfortable and what can help give you the best workout – not about flashing that summer bod you’ve worked so hard for. Yes, there’s a time and place for that – just not the gym or your local park. Keep it well-vented but still remain covered enough to get on with your workout free of awkward glares.

All in all, it’s comfort that it boils down to. If you choose items that you are comfy in, that give you the ability to perform your best during your workout and that allow you the freedom to move, you’re almost there. Couple this with something you like the look of, that suits you and makes you feel ready to make new records, and you’re onto a winner.

Photography With Torne Velk



By Torne Velk

I was introduced to a camera at the age of 15, which was bought for my brother, which later got handed down to me. From the age of 15 I always wanted to start a career so I could be really good at something at a young age and to have my life in order and to excel in a career path. I immediately had a passion for capturing moments and memories always telling my friends there’s nothing more beautiful than freezing a moment in time and keeping it for life. From there I started taking photos of some friends, then involving local designers then involving hair and make up artists.

My biggest inspirations are local and international. Will Davidson is incredible for his lighting, quality and composition and Lara Jade for her fantasy aspect and skill for creating a story.

My strongest point is being able to show a models character through my images and able to always get an edgy feel out of my shoots. My style has and will never be sexual naked shoots. I prefer to get the idea of sex out in the models emotion and posing. I have been told I always had a unique style to everyone with regards to my composition, colours and pose and am wanting to find my own old style again.

Photography and editing is slowly going back to basics with regards to Photoshopping the models and my style of keeping my shoots very edgy and keeping the models who they actually are. I don’t agree with making eyes bigger and noses smaller and hips smaller. Might as well use a mannequin then. The point of each model is their own unique look. Not to start making them all look the same.. No one is perfect and I am in love with what society calls “imperfections”. To be honest when i started i would love to remove all imperfections (Moles, beauty spots, scars), but now I actually leave most in because we are all our own art and to remove it is to agree with society’s image of perfection. I have started a small project called BACK TO BASICS and the male models have none or minimal editing. There’s nothing more beautiful than a model with a scar, or mark or beauty spot as it makes them all unique individuals. Why try make everyone looks the same.

I am still trying to find out what my style is exactly so I constantly see my style broaden and then become more specific. I am now 20 years old and cant wait to take my photography to Germany. Israel, Miami and America. I have really found what I am obsessed with in life, I go to sleep thinking about it and wake up thinking about it.

Website: Torne Velk

Instagram: @torne.velkphotography